Tin Whistle

What do you do if someone just can’t stop talking and won’t give it a rest?

Well, if you are Sports Direct you try to get them thrown in jail.

The High Court recently heard an application by Sports Direct against the Rangers Chairman, Dave King, to have him committed for contempt.


Sports Direct were put out because they thought that Dave King had talked about discussions leading up to the signing of a retail agreement when he was interviewed for Sky television.  Sports Direct had previously obtained an injunction to prevent anyone from talking about the terms of the agreement.

The Court was not prepared to play ball though.  It thought that Sports Direct was just flexing its muscles because it knew that Rangers wanted to renegotiate.  The clear evidence that was needed to put someone in jail was not there.  To show how badly he thought Sports Direct had behaved he awarded Dave King his costs on the most favourable terms.

The first half may be over, but the match has not been won.  Sports Direct refuse to be beaten and are still pursuing a claim that Dave King was in breach of confidentiality in his television interview which the Court will consider next month.

We will keep you updated once the final whistle has been blown…

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