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No one likes a bully. No one admires a bully. But what is it that makes bullies ‘get away with it’ and how can we stop them? This is an issue for those in business, not just our kids in the playground.

For example, how many of you have bought something as a result of aggressive selling? How many of you have ended up paying an invoice where you have real concerns with the services or goods supplied but you pay up because of the ‘persistence’ of the creditor?

The reality is that most decent human beings have a natural and understandable urge to shy away from conflict. The trouble with this however, is that it often leads to simply giving in. The side who is more determined, more committed, more principled and more persistent (i.e. more intransigent) can end up with a better settlement. In no way could this be good for your business.

So how do we counter the bullies?

1. Firstly, recognise the type of person you are

2. Recognise that you are dealing with a bully

3. Inform someone who is better placed to deal with (and who regularly deals with) conflict, who will be able to deal with the bully on your behalf.

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