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Earlier this year we published a post titled ‘Richard III What’s the dispute about‘. By way of recap, this was the then state of play in this interesting and historic saga.

Last year, the court granted the Plantagenet Alliance permission to Judicially Review the grant of an exhumation licence to the University of Leicester in respect of its alleged failure to properly consult upon the question of where the late King’s mortal remains should be laid to rest.

This was a battle which the University, at considerable expense, lost.

The Judicial Review hearing took place earlier this year in March and judgement was handed down in May. The University (unlike its Royal subject) won the war. The court dismissed the application of the Alliance. It was found that there was “no duty to consult” and “no public law grounds for the court [to interfere] with the plans for reburial”

The court observed that “since the exhumation… passions have been roused and much ink has been spilt” and agreed it was time for Richard III to be given a dignified reburial and finally laid to rest, something which those in Leicester applauded.

It might be thought that the Alliance would flee the battlefield, but nay. Its latest salvo is at the Royal Family and House of Lords for showing limited interest in the burial arrangements for their regal forebear –

Meanwhile, as before, the late King will in due course be interred close to his first place of ‘final’ rest in Leicester Cathedral. His memory nobly the subject of the Richard III visitor centre –

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